Luc Staes
Luc Staes, Business manager

Reachtruck, Stacker, Forklift

Are you looking to purchase a second-hand reach truck, a stacker truck or a forklift truck?

Take a look at the "second-hand" section of our website where you will find a complete overview of our range of second-hand warehouse trucks which are for sale.

The reach truck and the stacker truck form an important part of our range. We specialise in the TOYOTA BT, STILL and JUNGHEINRICH brands, with particular experience in tailor-made logistics applications such as narrow-aisle trucks for high-rise construction, combi trucks and multi-way or four-way reach trucks.

The second-hand internal transport systems which are for sale originate from our own lease fleet and from collaborations with leasing companies and curators. They are selected using strict criteria.

We are suppliers to forklift truck dealers throughout Western and Eastern Europe thanks to our fair competitive pricing - high quality philosophy.

Immer-Goed n.v. Belgium is also known in the Antwerp and East Flanders area as an independent leasing company for new forklift trucks and trucks for long-term logistics.

Please contact us for more information.

Immer-Goed n.v.
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B-9120 Beveren (Waas)
Tel. ++32 (0)3 877 32 44
BTW: BE 0407.076.336

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Our stock,
A few examples:

Forklift truck, TOYOTA , 7FBMF50

preview of machine

Pallettruck, BT TOYOTA , LPE240

preview of machine

Reachtruck, BT TOYOTA , RRE 160

preview of machine

Reachtruck, BT TOYOTA , RRE 160

preview of machine